Redeker Center

Guidelines for advertising within Redeker Center.



  1. Create flyers according to the following criteria:
    • Max quantity of 1 flyer to be hung on community bulletin board.
    • Not to exceed 11x17” sheet of paper.
    • The primary focus must be on the message or event of the sponsoring UNI group.
    • The message must reflect respect for the educational mission of the University.
    • May not advertise goods or services that compete with those provided by the University (ie: housing, dining).
    • No more than 1/3 of the flyer may contain information referencing off-campus sponsors. May not list sponsors that offer goods or services that compete with those provided by the University (ie: housing, dining).
    • Not to include discriminatory, sexist or libelous words or pictures.
    • Not to promote the consumption of alcoholic beverages or events at local drinking establishments.
    • Not to include campaign messaging for political candidates outside of UNI student government. (see for further information related to political campaigning on campus)
    • Includes name of sponsoring NISG-recognized organization or UNI office/department and contact information.
    • Attractive layout and composition.
  2. Bring a printed copy of the requested flyer to the receptionist in Housing and Dining (Redeker Center) to review for approval.
  3. Once approved, the flyer must be stamped with the UHD logo prior to being hung on the bulletin board.
  4. Flyers will be removed by hall staff upon expiration of the advertised event or following two weeks of exposure.



Informational/Promotional Tables
Groups and organizations are not permitted to solicit within or directly outside of Redeker Center. Solicitation includes any activity which primary purpose is the advertisement of or the inducement to purchase or endorse a product, service, proposition or cause.
Departmental Browsing Fairs

  1. Must be reserved and represented by an administrative or academic UNI department.
  2. Types of allowable events: (approval of event type is at the discretion of Housing and Dining)
    • Browsing fairs – multiple tables sharing university opportunities that hold an academic purpose for current or prospective students
    • Clinics – such as for flu shots
  3. Tables may not offer or advertise goods or services that compete with those provided by the University (ie: housing, dining).
  4. The organizing department must contact the receptionist in the Department of Residence at 319-273-2333 or e-mail UHD Marketing at least 14 days in advance to check availability, receive permission and reserve dates. Space and availability is limited.
  5. Set up to take place on the ground level of Redeker Center in an area deemed appropriate by Housing and Dining.
  6. Requesting department is responsible for acquiring their own tables, as well as the set up and tear down of the event.
  7. Any damages that occur will be at the expense of the hosting department.