Residence Halls

Guidelines for advertising in UNI residence halls.



  1. Create flyers according to the following criteria:
    • Max quantity of 1 flyer per residence hall.
    • Not to exceed 8.5”x11” sheet of paper.
    • The primary focus must be on the message or event of the sponsoring UNI group.
    • The message must reflect respect for the educational mission of the University.
    • May not advertise goods or services that compete with those provided by the University (ie: housing, dining).
    • No more than 1/3 of the flyer may contain information referencing off-campus sponsors. May not list sponsors that offer goods or services that compete with those provided by the University (ie: housing, dining).
    • Not to include discriminatory, sexist or libelous words or pictures.
    • Not to promote the consumption of alcoholic beverages or events at local drinking establishments.
    • Not to include campaign messaging for political candidates outside of UNI student government. (see for further information related to political campaigning on campus)
    • Includes name of sponsoring NISG-recognized organization or UNI office/department and contact information.
    • Attractive layout and composition.
  2. Bring a printed copy of the requested flyer to the receptionist in Housing and Dining (Redeker Center) to review for approval. It is recommended that you do not print the full quantity until approval has been received by UHD, should a revision need to be made.
  3. Once approved, each flyer must be stamped with the UHD logo prior to being distributed to the residence hall(s).
  4. Take the appropriate number of UHD-approved flyers to the respective residence hall office during office hours.
  5. Flyers will be posted for no more than two weeks and will be removed by hall staff.


Student organizations interested in having charitable collection drives in the residence halls are welcome to do so. In order to make the collection process as likely as possible to succeed, below are guidelines for a cooperative effort.

  1. The organizing group must email Housing and Dining at least 14 days prior to the beginning of the drive in order to receive permission and identify dates of the collection period.
  2. Collection periods run for a period of one week, from noon on Monday to noon the following Monday.
  3. Once approval is obtained, UHD will notify hall secretaries as to what dates the containers are go be in the lobby areas.
  4. One container is allowed per residence hall and should be dropped off to the respective residence hall office during office hours. An accompanying contact sheet must also be dropped off to include the name and number of the person to call should the container become full prior to the end of the collection period.
  5. Containers will be secured in the hall office at the end of each day.
  6. The size of the containers need to be small enough so a desk staff person could comfortably move it to and from the office, after the office opens and again when it closes.
  7. The containers must be clearly labeled as to the sponsoring organization and with what the donations will be used for.
  8. If donated items are not picked up on the agreed upon date, they will be given to a local charity.


The distribution of promotional pieces via residence hall mailboxes is not permitted. If you wish to have materials delivered to students’ mailboxes, you will need to do so through the postal service.
PLEASE NOTE: We have found that mailbox stuffers are no longer an effective or cost-worthy method of communicating with students. Housing and Dining is supportive of the campus community’s efforts in getting the word out to our residents and we are happy to explore other means of reaching this audience.


The distribution of promotional pieces via email through the Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) or Resident Assistant (RA) is not permitted. Student organizations and departments should ONLY send information about resources that hall staff might be able to use in their roles (e.g. Counseling Center classes).


Organizations that wish to promote their events through hall senates must contact the hall senate president to request permission to get on their agenda. The request should be made at least one week in advance. A maximum of five minutes will be allocated during the meeting.
For a listing of hall senate presidents, visit Student Organizations > Find an Organization. From here, search by hall name.


Informational/Promotional Tables
Groups and organizations are not permitted to solicit within or directly outside of UNI Residence Halls. Solicitation includes any activity which primary purpose is the advertisement of or the inducement to purchase or endorse a product, service, proposition or cause.
Door-to-door selling or soliciting of any kind is prohibited (this includes sliding information under a resident's door), except by residence governments who have received prior approval from the Residence Life Coordinator (RLC).
Selling From Your Room
Students selling legal items from their rooms may do so with prior approval from their roommate(s). Advertising may be done ONLY on that room’s door. No other residence facilities (other than bulletin boards outside of the dining centers) may be used by individuals to advertise, display or sell products. (RAs are not permitted to sell items from their rooms.)
Product Parties
Product parties and demonstrations may occur in student rooms, though no sales may occur at the time of the party. Those who wish to purchase goods must do so at a time outside of the event.