RA Conference Case Study

I am excited to offer your institution the opportunity to participate in the Case Study Competition at the 30th Annual UNI RA Conference. Participating in this competition is a great way for delegates to benefit from the evaluation of a situation, share ideas, and connect with peers and colleagues from other institutions that may positively impact your career and your life! We hope your institution plans to take advantage of this great opportunity!

The case studies will allow participants to deal with a problem or issue that they would likely confront or handle on their home campuses. There are three options to choose from:

Option 1: Easy
This option presents student staff members with a basic problem that examines low level conflict mediation skills, problem solving skills, and community building skills.

Option 2: Medium
This option allows participants to work through a situation that relies on multiple perspectives to address and resolve a problem. Participants are expected to be able to utilize mediation, problem solving, and community building skills in addition to resources.

Option 3: Difficult
This option allows participants to engage in problem solving by not only utilizing the skills they have developed, but also demonstrate their own personal identity growth and development. Participants will be asked to critically think through the scenario and challenge themselves to think beyond their role as an RA.

Every participant will receive their case study scenario prior to the conference via email. Participants can choose to sign up with a partner from their school or elect to have a partner from another institution. If participants choose to present with someone from another school, emails will be exchanged with the case study scenario email.

Each group will present a 10-minute presentation, followed by five minutes for Q&A by the case study judges. Participants will then leave as judges discuss and evaluate the presentation.

Awards for each level of case study will be presented at the end of the conference.

If you wish to be a participant for the Case Study Competition, please click on the following link to fill out the form:

Student Participant Registration Form

Case Study Participants can stop by the Case Study info table at the Welcome Social/Friday Night Entertainment if they have any questions.


We welcome all professional staff members to be a judge for the Case Study Competition. If you wish to serve as a judge, please click on the following link to fill out the form:

Case Study Judge Registration Form

Case Study Judges will pick up their judging packets and ask any questions they may have at the Case Study info table at the Welcome Social/Friday Night Entertainment. 

I encourage you to consider this invitation to participate in the Case Study Competition and make this year’s conference experience unforgettable. If you have questions, please feel free to email raconference@uni.edu.

I look forward to seeing you at the UNI RA Conference!
Chris Wiebe
Case Study Committee Chair