RA Conference FAQ's


General Questions:

1. How many people attend the UNI RA Conference?
Our average conference numbers are over 500 each year. The January 2014 conference was the largest conference ever at 572 attendees!

2. What is the geographical representation of the conference attendees?
We typically have participants from the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana, South Dakota and North Dakota. These are our typical states but we are open to anyone that wants to register and come to Cedar Falls, Iowa!

3. Is there any sort of role call/poster/banner/spirit award?
There is not a contest of this sort for the RA Conference.

4. Do I bring school “swag”? If so, what kind?
Yes, definitely bring school swag. You may bring anything you want (as long as it is appropriate)! It can be traded at the Swap Shop on the last night of conference.

5. As an advisor, do I attend student sessions?
If you’d like! We will have workspaces designated throughout the buildings we occupy for you to stay up to date on your own work, too.

6. Are there awards?
Yes, awards will be given during the closing ceremony of our conference. Awards will be given for the top five traditional programs, case study winners, and other awards are possible as well.


1. When are housing assignments made? What else should we know about housing?
All housing assignments are made once registration closes. You will be notified about your housing assignments upon check-in. With the limited space available, all advisors are encouraged/asked to stay off-campus. Students are assigned to hall lounges where mattresses (but not linens) are provided. Students may be assigned with members not from your delegation.

2. If I stay in a hotel, is there a shuttle?
We do not offer shuttle services from hotels to the conference site.

3. How will we remember all of this information?
Welcome letters are provided in each housing location that contains information about staff on-call and other pertinent information for each hall.

4. When do we get our keys?
Keys are given at conference check-in and are due back at check-out. Delegations arriving later than the posted check–in times need to contact Jordan Rockwell at raconference@uni.edu one week prior to the conference. If delegations are leaving earlier than the posted check-out times on Sunday, they must convey this information via email to Jordan Rockwell at raconference@uni.edu or catch him at the conference.

Case Study:

1. What is the case study portion of the conference?
Case Studies allow RAs to present on current issues in residence life and housing. Participants are given 15 minutes to present on one case study. Participants in the prepared category receive the case two weeks prior to the conference and have the opportunity to prepare for their presentation. If you have questions please contact Chris Wiebe at raconference@uni.edu