Enjoy a meal on campus!

Enjoy a meal in the dining center or treat your guests at one of our retail locations on campus! Guest meals can be purchased with cash, Dining Dollars, ID charge and credit cards at all dining outlets on campus. A university account may also be used to purchase guest meals.*


Use the Use the Housing & Dining Departmental Charge Form and take the signed and approved form to the specified dining or retail location.

Physical meal cards are not necessary but can be requested by emailing diningtech@uni.edu. Cards for a meal (in the Dining Centers) or for a designated amount of dining dollars (can be used at any dining location on campus) can be purchased. Payment is due upon receipt of cards. Dining Dollar cards are not refundable.

We appreciate notice for large groups (over 25).


Groups are able to reserve one of our meeting spaces in Piazza. The Century Room can accommodate up to 30 guests and the Regency Room holds up to 14 guests. Call 319-273-2333 to check availability and make room reservations.

*Meals funded by the university are to be used for the stated business purpose. The general policy of the university is to prohibit the use of budgeted funds to provide food to campus guests, visitors, staff members or students except under certain described and carefully controlled circumstances. Refer to University Policy 9.43 Reimbursable Expense and/or University Policy 13.07 Entertainment of University Guests for information pertaining to meal expenses.