CP Parking

Parking Permits for On-campus Students

On-campus residents are eligible to receive a parking permit for C or R lots. Residents of Roth Apartments are eligible to purchase a B permit. Returning students (2nd+ year) and new transfer students may also be eligible for a CP (C Preferred) parking permit.

CP Parking lots:

  • Rider/Shull lot (east of halls)
  • Interior Redeker lot
  • Noehren/Hagemann/Panther Village lot
  • Campbell lot (west of Campbell)
  • Towers lot (includes Campus Street lot)

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PLEASE NOTE: During move-in week (the week prior to the start of the Fall semester) all CP lots are restricted to 30-minute max and no overnight parking to ensure space for all those moving in.​

How do I purchase a CP permit?

Qualified students will receive an email notifying them of their eligibility to purchase a CP permit. There may be a limited window in which these passes are made available.

CP permits are available for purchase online or in person from Public Safety in Gilchrist; visit the Public Safety website for costs. Applicants will need to know the make, model, year and license plate number of the vehicle in order to obtain their permit.

Who is eligible for a CP permit?

Returning students (2nd+ year) are eligible to purchase a CP permit, as well as new transfer students.

CP permits are issued to authorized students and are non-transferrable to any other person for any reason. The sale or use of CP permits to or by another person is prohibited. Both registered owner and user are subject to disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct up to and including the revocation of any future CP permit privileges.