Fill out and print Emergency Contact Information Form
Complete the Emergency Contact Information Form. Bring this completed form to check-in at your hall. The information you provide will be retained in the residence hall for emergencies. It is your responsibility to update the contact information if it changes.

Sign up for UNI Alert (Parents, you can do this too!)
Complete the contact information to be included in the UNI Alert System. The UNI Alert System notifies the campus community of emergencies and threats to physical safety in emergency situations: tornado, violence, hazardous material incident, cancelled classes, University closure, etc. Notifications can be sent by phone, e-mail and/or text message.

Purchase Renter’s Insurance
We suggest you purchase renter's insurance, which is fairly inexpensive. Often, this can be purchased as a rider to a parent's homeowner policy. The Department of Residence is not responsible for damage or theft of personal belongings in a room.

Forwarding Address
Contact the postal service to let them know that your mail should be forwarded to the address you get in your assignment letter.

Parking Permit
New residents have the option of purchasing a C or an R permit (or B if living in Roth or Jennings Court Apartments). Parking permits should be purchased and displayed by the time classes begin. This can be done through the Department of Public Safety in Gilchrist Hall.

Log-in to your UNI email account
Your new UNI email will be accessed using your CatID. View instructions on using your CatID and log-in to your new email account.

Apply to work on campus
Earn money and get great employment experience through the convenience of working on campus. Visit the Department of Residence Student Employment page, along with UNI’s Career Services to search jobs and apply online.

Coordinate with your roommate on what to bring
Check out our packing lists to start the conversation.