Q: Do most students live on-campus?
A: They do. While living on campus isn't a requirement for students, the vast majority of students (particularly first-year students) do because of the opportunity to meet new people, the convenience of attending classes and participating in activities, as well as accessing campus resources.

Q: How big will my room be?
A: Most rooms are approximately 12'x12', with an 8' high ceiling. However, there are many variations from hall to hall and sometimes within the same hall. You can view your specific room's layout and dimensions on your online contract.

Q: What's provided in my room and what can I bring?
A: See Packing Tips for a list of what comes standard with your room and recommended items to bring with you to campus.

Q: Who runs the building I'll be living in?
A: A full-time, live-in Residence Life Coordinator is responsible for each hall. Also, a student staff member, called an RA (Resident Assistant), lives with about 50 residents in each community ("house") within each hall.

Q: Does each student need a computer for their room?
A: No, each hall has a computer lab with printer. Students who wish to bring a personal device can enjoy the convenience of having internet connectivity through ResNet as well as wireless access in their room. Technical requirements for ResNet connection are listed on the ResNet website.

Q: How safe and secure will I be on campus?
A: The concern for the safety and security of our residents is shared by all segments of the university. Residence halls are locked 24/7 and residents gain access to their respective building through electronic access using their UNI ID card. The university also has a full-time professional police department.

Q: How do I contract for housing?
A: As soon as you are notified that you have been admitted to UNI and paid the $320 admissions acceptance fee, we urge you to contract online for housing. CONTRACT EARLY. The sooner you submit a contract, the more likely you will be to get into the hall and room of your choice.

Q: How much does it cost to live in the residence halls?
A: Housing and dining rates for the University of Northern Iowa are among the lowest in Iowa, which includes over two dozen four-year colleges and universities. Click here to view the current rates.

Q: Is a meal plan required?
A: A meal plan is required for those students living in our traditional and suite-style residence halls. Our meal plans give students freedom from grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning up and provides good daily nutrition. Our dining centers serve as an extension of students' living space.

Q: Is there an application fee or a required deposit?
A: Yes, the residence hall application fee and deposit is covered as part of the University Admissions acceptance fee as an advance payment. $95 of the fee comes to the Department of Residence to cover the $25 housing application fee and the $70 housing prepayment.

Q: Is gender-inclusive housing available?
A: If you have a housing request based on gender identity or gender expression, please contact the Gender & Sexuality Services Coordinator, 319-273-5428, when applying for on-campus housing to discuss your specific request. Specific housing requests are handled on a case-by-case basis. You may also visit our All-Gender Housing webpage.

Q: What about a Parking Permit?
A: Please contact Parking Operations at 319-273-2710.

Q: What if my roommate cancels?
A: You will likely receive a new roommate should your roommate cancel prior to move-in. Please contact the Department of Residence at 319-273-2333 with questions.

Q: How do I make a room change?
A: Prior to move-in, students can submit a room change request online.

Q: What is my new mailing address?
A: Mailing addresses can be found here.