Returning Students


Housing and Dining rates will not increase next year.
We are planning to freeze rates AGAIN this year, pending Board of Regents approval.

Room self-selection is available until May 1, 2021.

You are welcome to return to the contract as often as you wish to see if other spaces open up and make a room change until that date. Anyone wishing to change rooms after May 1 can complete the online Request to Change Rooms form.

Finish your contract on your scheduled PRD to receive a gift.

Students who complete their contract on their priority reservation date will get a special treat!

All students on the Live 2 Succeed program will have priority during room selection.

This includes those students who are currently in year two of their contract, as the benefit of priority room selection carries with as long as you continue living on campus.

Roommate groups can be formed beginning February 1.

If you have trouble adding roommates, contact the Housing office away. This will save you time and frustration during room selection. All roommates must have accepted the group request in order to be assigned to the room.

If you wish to stay in your same hall next year, select your current space during Same Room Selection.

Those wishing to stay in their same hall, but move rooms/apartments, should select their same room during Same Room Reservations to ensure a room in their current hall. Once your PRD arrives, you can then see what is available within your same hall and make a room change at that time. If you do not choose your same room during Same Room Reservations, your room will most likely get reserved by another student and it’s possible that all rooms in that hall may also be reserved.

The semi-private suites in Lawther Hall will be transitioned to single rooms.
A semi-private suite is described as two rooms with separate entrances that share a bathroom which divides the rooms, each with their own entrance to the bathroom. Students currently living in a double room as part of one of these suites that wish to remain in their room as a double should contact the Housing office to make that request.

The triple suites in Lawther Hall will be transitioned to double suites.
Students currently living in a triple suite that wish to remain in their room as a triple should contact the Housing office to make that request.

Rooms in Dancer and Shull Hall are all super single rooms.

The bathrooms, lounges and rec room in Dancer Hall have also recently been updated (2020).

Any room in a traditional hall can become a super single.

If there’s a particular room in one of the traditional halls (Bender, Hagemann, Noehren, Rider) that you’d like to select and it’s set up as a double, call DOR and we can get it switched over to a super single. Remember, all rooms in Dancer and Shull are already super singles.

Campbell Hall will be held for isolation/quarantine space for the 2021-22 academic year.
 Rooms in Campbell Hall will be reserved for those needing to isolate or quarantine; thus students will not see this dorm as an option during room selection.