All ID Cards are issued in the Department of Residence office in Redeker Center.


ID Card

ID Card
University identification cards (ID Cards) are issued to students, faculty, staff and emeritus. The ID Cards are widely used across campus for identification and validating privilege use at the dining centers, library, athletic and performance events, the Wellness Recreation Center and for electronic access doors.
Initial ID Cards are given at no cost. The cost for a replacement card is $30.
An Affiliate Card will be issued to those on campus needing access to a building/service. An example would be a UNI employee's spouse who is eligible to use the Wellness Recreation Center.
There is a $30 fee for both the initial and replacement Affiliate Card.
Contractor Cards will be issued to those that have been hired by the University to do work and need to access buildings with electronic access. This would include, but is not limited to, construction contractors for building, electrical, plumbing, vendors and others hired to perform a service.
There is no cost for a Contractor Card.