Live 2 Succeed

Because two years is better than one.

Students who live on campus for at least two years are more likely to graduate in four years than those who live on campus for only one year; and they tend to earn better grades. We encourage students to stay on the path of success and automatically benefit from the Live 2 Succeed program, both financially and in the classroom.

Live on campus for two years and save $1,000!

All new incoming students (first-year and transfer) who contract to live on campus their first two years will receive:

$1,000 Student Success Scholarship

Awarded during year two of the contract, students will receive $500 in the fall and $500 in the spring semester.

Priority Room Selection During Contract Renewal

Students on the Live 2 Succeed program will have priority during room selection of the contract renewal process each year they continue to live on campus to graduation.

Students talking in a dorm lounge

Students living on campus

  • generally adjust quickly to college;
  • participate in more extracurricular, social and cultural events;
  • perform well academically;
  • are more likely to graduate and;
  • exhibit greater positive gains in psychosocial development than students commuting to campus.

Sign up for the Live 2 Succeed program by selecting that option within the Housing & Dining Contract.

Access the Housing Contract

All first-year and transfer students new to UNI housing are eligible. Students must sign up for the Live 2 Succeed program within the Housing & Dining Contract online by the 10th day of classes of their first semester on campus to receive the $1,000 scholarship and priority room selection. By signing up for this program, you are agreeing to a two-year contract to live on campus. The same contract terms and conditions apply including being subject to the early cancellation penalty at any time during the two-year agreement following the respective cancellation deadline. The $1,000 student success scholarship will be applied as $500 to the fall and $500 to the spring u-bill during the second year of the contract. Priority room selection takes place during contract renewal each year the student continues to live on campus to graduation. Students who become a Resident Assistant (RA) during year two will forfeit the scholarship. See contract terms and conditions for full details.