Panther Village

Panther Village 1 is open during the summer as an air-conditioned option for students. Students with an academic year contract residing in Panther Village 3 will move to building 1 for the summer.

4 BR Apt = $143/person/week

2 BR Apt = $157/person/week

Studio Apt = $171/person/week

Roth Apartments

Roth Apartments is open during the summer as an air-conditioned option for students.

8 BR Apt = $118/person/week

2-3 BR Apt = $138/person/week

1 BR Apt = $162/person/week


Jennings Court Apartments

This summer option is available to students who are current residents from the spring, or who will be future residents in the fall. All other students will reside in Panther Village 1 or Roth.

2 BR Apt = $138/person/week

Summer Schedule


Summer student housing begins the Saturday following the last day of the semester in May. Continuous housing is available through to the fall semester for students with a corresponding fall housing contract. Students not living in the residence halls in the fall are able to stay through the last day of summer sessions (generally the end of July/beginning of August).

Students in a dorm

Summer Classes

Accelerate progress toward your degree this summer by enrolling in an on-campus or online class.

Summer room assignments will be made toward the end of April. Emails with assignment information will be sent once complete. Summer charges are on a weekly basis, with the full amount billed at the beginning of the contracted stay. A one week minimum stay required. Changes in your contract may result in adjustments to your bill. Summer student housing is reserved for our current residents, or those students enrolled in courses full-time during the prior spring semester and/or the upcoming fall semester. All other students needing summer housing should refer to our Conference Housing page. Rates are subject to change. Refer to the Terms & Conditions for full details regarding the summer contract.