Food and beverage for events on campus

UNI Catering is the official caterer for events and occasions on the University of Northern Iowa campus.

Whatever size your event, you will receive high-quality food and service from our professional team. Our staff is committed to and focused on making your event memorable.

NOTE: UNI Catering's availability will be limited for the 2022-23 academic year. For alternative options, see below.

Pick-up Orders from Maucker Union

Order food for your event for pick up from Godfather's and Union Station Sandwich Co. in Maucker Union. We also have a wide variety of baked goods to choose from made on campus at Fresh Beginnings.

Online ordering will not be available until August

Using an Outside Vendor

The University of Northern Iowa welcomes events and activities that include food. All potentially hazardous food and beverages (those which must be temperature-controlled in order to remain safe to consume) must be prepared in and/or provided by a licensed commercial food service or caterer when providing food or beverages. Items prepared for personal consumption in university residence communities and other personal spaces are excluded from this policy.



The university has agreements with a number of suppliers and purchase from those contracts is expected, and in some cases required like Coca-Cola.

For events catered by an Approved Vendor, beverages can be provided in bulk (1+ gallons or more) in a reusable container. 

Essentials in Maucker Union and Biscotti’s in Redeker Center will offer 12-packs of individual beverages, ½ gallon tea and 2-liter lemonade for pickup. For larger needs, please contact at least 10 days in advance.

For small group gatherings, a Keurig type hot beverage maker may be used.

Catering Service Supplies

Paper cups, plates, napkins, plasticware and waxed boxes are available at Essentials in Maucker Union. Departmental charge is accepted.

Become an Approved Vendor

Preferred vendors are catering businesses that are permitted to provide food on campus for events under $250 without going through the approval process for one time events. To become an approved vendor, fill out the catering agreement, and return the completed form along with a copy of your most recent insurance certificate and food license to

University Policies

University policies ensure the health and safety of individuals consuming food and beverages on university property. Please refer to these policies as you plan your event.