Request for Bake Sale Exception

University of Northern Iowa Food & Beverage Policy for Events on Campus

This form must be completed and approved by the Catering Exceptions Committee when any group intends to hold a bake sale fundraiser on University property. Failure to comply with this policy could result in the loss of this privilege.

Request for Bake Sale Exception

Describe completely all food and beverages to be sold as well as how they will be prepared and packaged. Vague or incomplete descriptions will delay approval. Example: Chocolate Chip Cookies made from a box mix and wrapped in plastic wrap.
Please note: This request does not reserve space. Contact the facility directly to make reservations.

Follow-up Instructions

  • Food prepared for a bake sale may be sold only at a location reserved through the Office of Event Services.
  • The recognized student organization/University department will not be allowed to resell donated product or sell food from an outside caterer unless the event is part of a larger campus celebration such as Homecoming or Family Weekend, as examples. Once approved, events of this nature will require a temporary food license from the Black Hawk County Health Department.
  • Once completed by the sponsoring organization, this form will be submitted electronically to the Event Authorization Committee and you will receive a copy of the request.
  • If approved, you will receive electronic approval for your event.

Terms & Conditions

  • Food and beverage prepared for a bake sale fundraiser may be sold only at a location reserved through the Office of Event Services.
  • All food and beverages must be temperature controlled to remain safe for consumption and cannot be sold or given away as part of the bake sale fundraiser.
  • Food products sold must be individually wrapped at the original point of preparation and be reasonably protected from unnecessary handling or other airborne contaminants.
  • If home-prepared food products are sold, then a notice stating the food product is “Home Prepared/Not Inspected” must be prominently displayed at the point of sale, as well as a list of ingredients per item.
  • If approved, the organization/department is granted a limited exception for the distribution of food. This exception may be terminated or canceled by the Catering Exception Committee at any time, at its sole discretion, without recourse by the organization/department.
  • The organization/department must comply with all directives of University personnel.
  • The organization/department is solely responsible for the management, preparation and distribution of its food and beverage (including set-up, service, supervision, tear-down and clean-up) as well as all financial obligations and liabilities in connection with or necessitated by this exception.
  • The organization/department is responsible for providing any and all equipment and personnel necessary to conduct its business.
  • The organization/department may not assign or delegate this exception to any third party without specific written permission of the Catering Exception Committee.
  • This exception is governed by and interpreted under the laws of the State of Iowa.
  • Future permission to engage in similar activities is contingent upon compliance with these terms and conditions.