Because availability changes frequently, waitlists are used to manage student requests. Students with a room assignment who wish to be reassigned to a space not currently available, can place themselves on one or more waitlists. Waitlists are available to any student with a current room assignment and rooms are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Spaces are offered via email in the order in which the request was received. Students wishing to change with a specific person, please include their name in your request.

Waitlist offers are made on a rolling basis as spaces become available. The waitlist opens early March for returning students and early April for incoming students. Waitlist placements won’t begin until the end of May. Offers will be made as spaces become available through the end of July.

Students must respond to the room change offer email within two business days to accept the room change offer or remain on the waitlist. Failure to respond to a room change offer will result in removal from all of our waitlists.

Double as a Single Waitlist

Previously referred to as “super singles,” double as a single rooms are double rooms in traditional dorms sold to one student, though the second set of furniture will remain in the room. These students are not assigned roommates and pay a higher rate for the academic year.

Double as a single rooms are available on a limited basis. Potential availability for these types of spaces are in Bender, Hagemann, Noehren and Rider.

Building Waitlist

Students interested in being reassigned to a specific building can place themselves on one of our building-specific waitlists. Students are only eligible for waitlists for spaces they’d normally be able to contract for.

Residential Community Waitlist

Waitlists are available for three of our residential communities - Jump Start, Honors and Transfer. Only students eligible for these spaces can be placed on these waitlists.

Waitlist sign up is available within the housing contract portal and only available during certain times of the year.


Waitlist Sign Up